To prepare the Wood Pigeon with Beetroot, Quinoa & Wild Mushroom

  1. Season the Hare Loins with salt and pepper. Sear the loins in a hot Pan, take off heat and let cool. Take the two sausages and remove the outer skins, place in a bowl and add one egg, the parsley, orange juice and chestnuts and mix well. Take the Puff Pastry and roll out to a size which generously covers the two loins in a rectangular shape.
  2. Place the Sausage Mix onto the Pastry with the Loins and roll up in a tube shape, tuck in both ends to seal and egg wash the Wellington. Season before cooking.
  3. Heat the baking sheet in the oven before placing the wellington onto it, this will help with a soggy bottom. Cook in the Oven 200C/mark 6 for 10 Mins. The wellington should be golden brown and pastry cooked.
  4. Rest for 4 Mins to relax the meat. Slice and Serve